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Can you meet us before the function or wedding?


I can come to you, you can come to me, we can meet somewhere in the middle or we can do the whole thing over the phone or via email.

Please keep in mind that if the DJ chosen for your function should be in an accident or sick before your function, or can not make it, we will replace him with someone else. You will be informed beforehand if this should happen.

What time do we arrive at the venue?

Wedding Reception Only:    We like to be set up before the Service starts. In other words, if your Service starts at 16:00 in the chapel, the DJ should be set up in the venue by 15:30. It takes about 45 minutes to set up and test.

Chapel and Reception:    If we do the sound in the Chapel and Reception we will be there 2 hours before the Service starts to set up and test.

Other Functions:    We like to be set up at least 30 minutes before the guests arrive at the function. It takes about 45minutes to set up and test.

 Can we do the sound and music in the Chapel or Church?

Yes we can. Costs will be calculated depending on your requirements. 

We normally set up a microphone for the ceremony and we can play the wedding march etc. from CD's.

We can provide some backtracks (Die Liedboek) from CD if you would require it. 

You are more than welcome to self provide.

What do we need at the venue or chapel?

We need you to relax and enjoy the day. 

There must be a table ready when we arrive at a suitable place where you want us to sit with 2 chairs.

The table must have a tablecloth and a skirt so that guests don't see all the cables. We could bring our own.

We have our own cables and adapters.

Is it possible for somebody to sing using our systems?

Yes it's possible. The backtracks of the songs must be provided on CD's. Our small systems can handle up to 3 microphones at a time but they don't have echo and reverb functions. A bigger system is available for up to 16 microphones with basic DSP functions.

Can our systems take additional sound sources. 

Oh yes they can. Up to 30 additional connections could be make. Arrangements need to be made at least 2 week before the function date to ensure cable compatibility. This might impact the price quoted.

Do we allow instruments/bands to play over our speakers?

Yes, if they are happy to use what we have on offer. We allow everything except base guitars. Arrangements needs to be made before the function date to ensure cable compatibility. This might impact the price quoted.

How loud do we play, how big can we go?

It would depend on the function and the mood and time. It is better for us if the guests ask us to play louder than to turn the sound down. 

We can accommodate 1 - 3000 guests with comfort. 

We could stretch it up to 5000 guests depending on the venue. It just has to be discussed before the time.

Background music for the function?

Background:     Classical, 80's, 90's, Instrumental, Synthesizer, Pan Flute etc...

Easy listening:   It's popular music by popular artists.

Classic:            This is only played on request, before the time.

What kind of music do we play?

To say before hand how many waltzes, two steps etc will be played, will only be a lie.

We don't know your guests so we would sum up the audience and choose music accordingly. 

WILL PLAY METAL OR RAVE, if you reeeeaaaaalllyyy want it.

 Do we play sound effects etc during the speeches?

At a wedding, the groom, YES, unless you don't want it. 

At other functions or speeches, NO, unless you want it.

Will we play requests from you or your guests?

If we have it and it fits in with the function, with pleasure.

If you have it on CD and we don't, yes we will if it fits the function. Please remember to collect again from us and NO COPIED CD's.

Entering the hall and opening dance songs will be discussed before the time, a few of your favourite songs and also a list of your dislikes.

Do we have to sit with the guests or do you have to provide food and drinks?

No it's not necessary to sit with the guests.

We prefer to sit at the disco and eat. We must handle the microphone and music so it becomes a hassle every time someone wants to use the microphone.

You can just ask the venue to provide us with cutlery etc.

Regarding food, Yes Please.

It's not necessary to pay for our drinks. A Jug of Water will be nice...


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